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AS 9100 & ISO 9001
JCP Cert. Number: 0066086
CAGE Code: 1G9B4

Every day, you're faced with the challenge of developing products that will move your company ahead of your competition.  And, every day, you're faced with obstacles and constraints in developing state-of-the-art parts.

Now you can look to Mantissa Industries as your breakthrough partner in developing new products - on time, on budget, and on target.

Mantissa Industries has been helping innovative manufacturers fabricate new products for more than 30 years.  We offer complete CAD/CAM design and CNC vertical mill & lathe machining, as well as special machinery services.

We combine our advanced technologies with handcrafting to produce precision parts, tools, models, fixtures, gages, and patterns.

Our design and building experience covers a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, agricultural equipment, architectural, consumer goods, people-with-disabilities-assistive devices, industrial tooling, and sporting equipment.

With a wealth of specialized industrial knowledge, we understand what it takes to make products in the first place, and how they'll be put to use later.  Which adds up to a big plus in ingenuity for our customers.

We not only speak your language, but can often suggest refinements to the approach envisioned by an industrial designer or engineer - ways to enhance part quality, accelerate production, shave costs, or solve a problem with elegant simplicity.